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BOLT Method Fitness

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B.O.L.T. Kettlebell Endurance Training

Believe * Overcome * Lift * Triumph

BOLT Method Fitness takes advantage of the versatility kettlebells offer as a training tool by combining strength and endurance in unique, exciting and quick sessions.

BOLT Method Fitness

Years ago when we started training clients our methods were very standard and limited by conventional ways of approaching training. If we were building muscle strength, dumbbells, barbells and machines were in order. However, outside of some circuit training, these exercises didn’t provide an integrated approach to exercising, something our clients could use in their daily lives – whether loading overhead luggage, carrying a child or whatever mundane physical challenge they’d encounter. Likewise training on cardio machines or practicing aerobic sports such running, swimming or cycling, were too time consuming to be effective and don’t address strength building.

Meet BOLT Method Fitness

Fast forward to a decade later. After hundreds of clients and training hours, we developed the right combination of movements and programming that produces the results we were looking for: the optimal balance of strength and endurance training that can deliver visible results without a huge time commitment. Leaving us time for our other passions and responsibilities (such as skiing, swimming, and chasing after children).

Strength: The Kettlebell Way

Thanks to decades of research at world universities and field experience, today coaches have very predictable methods to increase strength. However fitness is not just about more weight lifted, but also about muscular balance and health. What good is it to be able to lift a car if you can’t reach your toes to put your socks on?

The kettlebell shape allows us to train in ways that challenge our bodies to stabilize and move with more core integration, just like real life requires. Most lifting scenarios outside the gym demand a good amount of rotational strength and core stability, which BOLT Method Fitness develops every session using kettlebells.

Many people think that strength can only be developed by lifting very heavy weights for few repetitions (such as barbells or machines). However, this is far from the truth; great strength can be also achieved at much higher repetition ranges with the right exercises and weights. This has been known by experienced coaches for a long time and we incorporate this knowledge into our classes. There is a place for heavy lifting with kettlebells and it can be very productive and safe within a well- designed regimen such BMF.

Endurance: The BOLT Method

When we think endurance we tend to focus on aerobic efforts, such as a long swims, running, etc. However, endurance has many facets, including:

  1. Aerobic Endurance. Ability to sustain an effort for long periods of time, usually greater than 3 minutes. Our body uses fat to fuel these efforts, plenty of oxygen is required.
  2. Anaerobic Endurance. Ability to sustain an effort without abundance of oxygen or lack thereof, usually under 3 minutes. This type of endurance is fueled by our glycogen and phosphate reserves.
  3. Muscular endurance. This is the ability to sustain an effort under load. For example, rowing, climbing a mountain, or playing with your toddler.

BOLT Method Fitness targets these training zones strategically so that they build on each other for long term gains.

BOLT Method Fitness Classes

What to expect

Our classes are conducted in small groups and include regular technique lessons for best performance and safety. New students are welcome at any time since each routine can be scaled according to ability and experience.

Classes begin with mobility and stretching, followed by core activation drills including Coach Rithner’s Windmill Series. Finally technique lessons are given to complete the warm up. The main portion of the training includes BOLT and circuit training. All classes conclude with Windmills and Ilya’s Yoga for cool down and stretching.

What to bring

Come dressed in tighter clothing (loose clothing can be “caught” by a swinging bell) and comfortable athletic shoes. Bring sweat wristbands if you have them and a water bottle.


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